Smarter data. More uptime. Better business with Detroit Connect.

Unlock the power of vehicle intelligence.

Information is powerful. It’s the data to go farther and the intelligence to work harder. Detroit Connect® is your window into your vehicle’s performance. It’s your pathway to making smarter decisions for your business that move the needle of profitability forward.

Virtual Technician

Detroit Connect Virtual Technician® notifies fleets and owner-operators within minutes if their vehicles experience an engine or aftertreatment fault event. With information on the severity of the fault and recommendations for when, where, and how to best fix the issue, you can reduce time spent on unnecessary maintenance and make better service decisions for your fleet.

Remote Updates

With Detroit Connect Remote Updates, drivers will no longer need to stop and physically connect their vehicles to initiate vehicle parameter changes. Using secure, over-the-air programming and a cellular connection, Remote Updates allows you to make select engine parameter changes for eligible Freightliner®  and Western Star® trucks in your fleet – all from the Detroit Connect portal

Safety Services

Detroit Connect safety features gather information from the Detroit Assurance® suite of truck safety systems to help your fleet operate more safely and efficiently.

  • Safety Event Viewer allows you to view analytics gathered before, during and after severe safety events. This data may include but is not limited to lane departure warnings, disabling of systems and hard braking.

    Safety Event Viewer is available for trucks equipped with Detroit Assurance and an active Detroit Connect subscription.

  • Optional Video Capture records video footage of safety events such as severe braking and collision warnings–increasing fleet visibility for a safer, more productive operation.
  • Analytics translates safety performance data into interactive, easy-to-understand insights. With the ability to quickly identify driver behaviors, trends and root causes across this data, you can reduce dangerous driving habits and optimize vehicle performance.


Telematics Partners

Platform Science’s Virtual Vehicle provides a connected experience for fleets, allowing drivers the flexibility to access all their apps in one marketplace, on one tablet.    

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