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The Detroit® DD8™ is engineered to drive commerce. Innovative variable cam phasing technology means fewer regens. Our Detroit Connect Virtual Technician® remote diagnostic system streamlines service decisions. Best-in-class maintenance intervals can reach up to 60,000 miles, so operations keep running strong. It all adds up to substantial power, efficiency and reliability.

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660-1050 lb-ft

Torque Range


Horsepower Range

470 cu in (7.7L)


The Detroit DD8 delivers when it counts.

Efficiency, Performance & Durability

 The DD8 is the most technologically advanced mid-range engine available in its market. Its features include:

  • Proprietary variable cam-phasing technology that reduces or eliminates regens for efficient aftertreatment system performance. Variable cam phasing keeps your aftertreatment system at the right temperatures during low-speed operation. That means fewer (or no) parked regens—and more time on the road. 
  • The DD8 also has a smart, fuel-efficient design that makes the most of every gallon and lightens the load on the aftertreatment system. 
  • Its advanced common rail fuel system optimizes each injection event to minimize fuel consumption.
  • A variable-speed fan and advanced cooling system providing shorter fan-on times for increased fuel efficiency
  • Simple, fixed-geometry, turbocharger for performance, efficiency and reliability
  • An optional high-performance integrated engine brake
  • A robust and sturdy rear gear train helps minimize noise, vibration and harshness (NVH)
  • PTO Capability – both FEPTO and REPTO – for a variety of vocational work-truck applications
  • Detroit provides a wide range of new vehicle engines compliant with EPA, CARB emissions, GHG, and OBD requirements. Please consult your local dealer to ensure the selection of a product that meets your specific needs.

Model Options

The Freightliner M2 106 Plus truck on a road in front of a green field.
M2 106 Plus
108SD Plus
114SD Plus
Western Star

Detroit Connect Virtual Technician

When a critical fault occurs, Virtual Technician transmits data to our experts at the Detroit Customer Support Center for further analysis. Within minutes, fleets and owner-operators know the severity of the fault and when, where and how to best fix the issue.

    • Detroit Connect Virtual Technician Benefits: 
      • Better insight into performance
      • Information delivered quickly to decision makers
      • Reduced time spent on diagnostics keeps trucks on the job

Keep running

With the longest service intervals in its class at up to 60,000 miles, along with an easily serviceable design, the Detroit DD8 lowers your cost of ownership by decreasing your time in the shop. With oil and fuel filters positioned above the frame rails, you'll be back in the driver's seat fast.


Sharing some common service operation with our heavy-duty line of engines and the parts with the DD5 ensures that trained technicians are ready to serve you and your DD8 at any of our 800+ authorized Detroit locations across the highways and back roads of North America.