Active Brake Assist on Detroit Assurance® 4.0

Assurance 10/27/2016

The Detroit Assuranceā„¢ suite of safety systems makes a significant contribution to the safety of truck drivers and everyone else on the highways. One feature that enhances highway safety is Active Brake Assist (ABA).

The ABA radar-system feature helps mitigate the likelihood and severity of collisions, calculating the distance between the truck and other vehicles or objects in its path. It tracks up to 40 objects at once and identifies the top six by level-of-threat, refreshing 200 times per second. If the driver fails to respond, the system will initiate a sequence of warnings, and ultimately, actions.

The first in this sequence of warnings are optical and audible, and the second is a haptic, physically perceptible warning. If no action is taken by the driver in response to these warnings, ABA will instruct the anti-lock braking system, DT12 transmission and engine computers to generate the necessary sequence of braking actions required to help mitigate rear-end collisions, activating partial or full braking to slow or stop the truck, depending on the actions of the moving object ahead.

Always on, ABA detects distance to moving objects, calculating speed and determining whether warnings or actions are necessary. Based on the position and speed of your truck in relation to other vehicles, ABA warns the driver and can engage in full or partial braking to mitigate collisions that might otherwise be unavoidable. Coming soon, ABA 4.0 will also include radar tracking of stationary objects and the capacity to engage full braking to avoid them.