DD13™ Model of Efficiency and Performance

Engines 10/01/2013

The new and improved Detroit™ DD13 Engine delivers fuel-efficient, low-maintenance performance with less weight, so you can carry more and still lower your total cost of ownership. Designed specifically for less-than-truckload (LTL), local delivery and distribution, regional haul and vocational applications, it makes the most of every gallon of fuel without sacrificing any of the power you’ve come to expect from a Detroit engine.

The DD13 offers numerous features and benefits. Here are some of the most groundbreaking:

The DD13 lowers your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with superior fuel economy and easier serviceability. For applications like construction, dump and refuse, the DD13 Power Take Off (PTO) provides power while the vehicle is moving or stationary. Its wide, flat torque curves mean less shifting and a large ‘sweet spot’ so drivers spend more time in top gear.

There are also many environmental impact benefits that make this engine better for both the driver and the earth. The new DD13 runs smoother than ever, with less noise and vibration. It supports bio-diesel capability, reducing emissions and dependence on foreign oil. And high fuel injection pressures help reduce NOx, which is critical to meeting the required emissions targets mandated by the EPA. The Detroit GHG14 engine program assures that all engines are certified to GHG14 regulations in 2013.

Finally, as with the DD15 engine, Virtual Technician is available for the DD13. This remote diagnostics system provides engine performance data to reduce or avoid truck downtime, eliminate unnecessary repair facility referrals, give fleet owners a choice of repair facilities, and provide advanced notice to repair facilities to obtain the parts required.

For the new DD13, our engineers re-examined then re-designed many features of the engine, making improvements in key areas. Truck owners can now lower their total cost of ownership with superior fuel efficiency, performance and serviceability. As you can see, the new DD13 is redefining the way engines are made.