Detroit Employees Bring the Holidays to Local School

Community 12/22/2015





While Detroit is best known for vehicle manufacturing, the city also produces entertainers at an assembly line pace.

From Motown’s best and Eminem to actors such as George C. Scott, Tom Selleck and Della Reese, Detroit entertainers have excelled on every stage.

Team Detroit is helping continue that tradition this holiday season by supporting Charles L. Spain Elementary-Middle School in Detroit. The school offers a college preparatory curriculum for students with a love of the performing arts.

Detroit employees donated coats, hats, gloves, scarves, toys and other items, which were delivered to the school and needy children before Christmas. In addition, approximately $1,200 was raised to provide additional items. The entire effort was sponsored by UAW local 163.

Who knows? Maybe the next Smokey Robinson or Lily Tomlin got a much-needed article of clothing.

In a campaign led by the Detroit WIN Community Service Group, employees also donated 150 badly needed blankets to Detroit Children’s Hospital.

Detroit has had a very good year and I’m proud of the work we’ve done in the plant and for our customers. It’s wonderful to see that, despite everything we have going on, we haven’t forgotten the needy in the community around us.

Thank you.