Inside the Cascadia: Engines, Transmission, Axles

Transmissions 10/03/2016

Elevating customer expectations for superior efficiency and performance in the Freightliner Cascadia®, the updated, Integrated DetroitPowertrain (IDP) is poised to deliver significant dividends on every owner’s investment. Uniting the efforts of best-in-class components to lower the Real Cost of Ownershipsm (RCO) for every customer, the best of Freightliner—teamed with Detroit's most efficient Powertrain technology—creates an undeniably superior combination of power and fuel economy.  

Designed, engineered and manufactured to lower RCO, the IDP is available with the performance-enhancing, downsped, 400hp/1,750lb-ft Detroit DD15® or DD13® engines. The DD13 is a newly available option for the IDP package in all Freightliner Cascadia models and the Western Star 5700.

Updated for improved fuel efficiency and reduced friction, with features such as superfinished gears, the new DetroitDT12 transmission also features the latest generation of Intelligent Powertrain Management (IPM4). IPM4 is a GPS-based predictive cruise system that anticipates upcoming road terrain changes, therefore maximizing the powertrain’s fuel efficiency.

New Detroitdrive axles are now available with faster ratios (2.28 and 2.16) in the Cascadia, increasing efficiency through downspeeding. With gear set optimization, friction-optimized oil and faster rear-axle ratios, Detroit’s new axles improve fuel economy. An optional Axle Lubrication Management (ALM) system reduces parasitic loss and provides additional efficiency improvements by effectively managing oil distribution to the pinion gear. 

According to Kary Schaefer, General Manager of Marketing and Strategy for Daimler Truck North America, Detroit and DTNA are “driven to find and develop the right solutions that maximize truck, powertrain and driver performance.”