Lane Departure Warning on Detroit Assurance® 4.0

Assurance 11/08/2016

The Detroit Assurance™ suite of safety systems delivers optimum on-the-road safety with a variety of technologically-enhanced features, all designed to help mitigate the likelihood of a collision.  Refreshing its data 200 times per second, the system relays actionable intelligence to the Video Radar Decision Unit (VRDU), which controls the truck’s response to its brakes, engine and transmission, in real-time.

Detroit Assurance has both a standard radar system and an optional, camera-based system that features Lane Departure Warning (LDW).  LDW is designed to improve safety for everyone on the road by gathering visual data from a windshield-mounted, forward-facing camera that detects and monitors reflective paint and raised lane markers.  The camera system tracks your truck’s position within the lane and sounds a warning if it veers outside of it without an engaged turn signal.

In the event that the truck leaves its lane without signaling, the onboard radio is muted automatically, while an audible warning is simultaneously played through the speaker on the side of the cab that crosses the marker. In existing models of the Freightliner Cascadia, a switch is available on the instrument panel to disable LDW for 15 minutes at a time, which is helpful in construction-heavy zones. In the Cascadia models, however, the lane departure switch disables LDW for an unlimited amount of time.

When it comes to trucking safety, every feature counts.  Lane Departure Warning on Detroit Assurance 4.0 is just another way to protect your drivers, your trucks and your business.