Tailgate Warning on Detroit Assurance® 4.0

Assurance 11/15/2016

At Detroit, safety is paramount. The Detroit Assurance™ suite of safety systems uses your truck’s radar and camera systems to keep drivers safe on the road.

When traveling at speeds higher than 20 miles per hour, Tailgate Warning, a new feature of Detroit Assurance 4.0, determines the distance between your truck and the vehicle ahead of you. If you follow the vehicle in front of you too closely for 10 seconds or longer, a visual Tailgate Warning alert appears on the dash.

Similar to other Detroit Assurance features, such as Active Brake Assist 4.0 and Adaptive Cruise Control, Tailgate Warning uses your truck’s bumper-mounted radar to calculate your following distance.  However, it is important to note that Tailgate Warning works independent of other Detroit Assurance safety features.

A visual dash alert will trigger if your truck remains at the following speeds for 10 seconds or longer:

Tailgate Warning can be used to make sure each driver in your fleet is engaging in safe driving practices. For trucks equipped with telematics, an event becomes reportable if the driver maintains an unsafe following distance for 10 seconds or longer. This gives fleet managers the actionable intelligence to effectively manage a fleet.

 At Detroit, we know that safer trucks mean safer drivers. Tailgate Warning and the rest of the Detroit Assurance safety features help protect drivers and businesses by delivering a new level of protection, improving driver safety and reducing potential downtime.