Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Cleaning

Not All DPF Cleaning Techniques Are Created Equal. Demand Detroit.

Amid tightening environmental standards and increasing fuel prices, Detroit® engineers have focused on developing innovative technologies that increase efficiency—at the pump and at the tailpipe. With Detroit® Genuine Parts and more than 800 authorized service outlets across North America, Detroit® is the clear choice for keeping your diesel emissions filtration systems up and running smoothly.

Developed to capture both soot and ash from exhaust gas, the Detroit® Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) completely oxidizes the soot, but accumulated ash cannot be oxidized and must be physically removed from the filter. The Detroit® proprietary cleaning process removes over 95% of accumulated ash, making it more effective than other cleaning methods. Detroit® is the only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to use thermal, air and liquid cleaning to thoroughly clean each DPF, meeting our own strict standards for Detroit® Genuine Parts. 

A remanufactured Detroit® DPF provides the quality you demand, combined with quick turnaround and no-hassle core acceptance. Detroit® is committed to delivering proven technologies and quality components that:

  • Meet emissions standards
  • Enhance your vehicle’s resale value
  • Minimize downtime

Only Remanufactured Detroit® DPFs Offer:

  • Proprietary, globally accepted thermal/air/liquid cleaning technology
  • An environmentally-friendly process
  • Automated testing and validation
  • Advanced shipping and handling methods
  • Fast service at more than 800 authorized service locations

Don't Trust Air-Only Cleaners Because They:

  • Don’t loosen and/or remove as much ash, which is packed into the filter substrate
  • Claim effective cleaning when removing as little as 30% of accumulated ash
  • Require more cleanings and less-efficient operation
  • Do NOT meet the strict standards of Detroit® Genuine Parts

Reduce Downtime: Just Stop, Swap and Go.

When your DPF needs cleaning, choose a remanufactured Detroit® Genuine Parts DPF for maximum engine performance, enhanced efficiency and reduced downtime—so you get back up and running quickly. Your particulate filter will be exchanged for a clean unit at any authorized Detroit® service location.

No Downtime is Required for:

  • Stationary regeneration
  • Installing DPF into an air-pressure blowing machine

Our No-Hassle DPF Core-Exchange Process Enables:

  • Off-the-shelf parts availability
  • Quick-turn installation 

Every Remanufactured Detroit® DPF is Backed by a One-Year/ Unlimited-Mile Warranty

A remanufactured Detroit® DPF is the only OEM, warranty-approved replacement DPF for Detroit® and MBE engines. Detroit® will not cover damages resulting from use of a non-authorized DPF cleaning process.

DPF Maintenance Intervals for EPA 07

DPF cleaning intervals are established for each engine platform. When a specific mileage is reached, the “check engine” light illuminates, and you can replace your filter at any authorized Detroit® service outlet.


Cleaning Interval (miles) *

Series 60








MBE 4000


DPF Maintenance Intervals for EPA10/GHG14

DPF maintenance intervals for EPA10/GHG14 engines are based upon fuel consumption with a maximum mileage range of 550,000 miles. Typically, the fuel limit is reached between 300-400k miles for a line-haul application.




DPF Maintenance Intervals for GHG-17

DPF maintenance intervals for EPA10 to GHG17 engines are based upon fuel consumption with a maximum mileage range of 500,000 miles. Typically, the fuel limit is reached between 400-500k miles for a line-haul application.




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