Extended Service Coverage

bottom line. By letting you choose your level of coverage, Extended Coverage helps you 
control up-front costs and efficiencies while managing unexpected occurrences. 

Detroit’s extended engine service coverage covers tomorrow’s costs at today’s pricing. After reviewing your base warranty coverage, consider extended service coverage for protection on engine systems and components that fit your needs and application. 



Multiple time and distances are available for up to 6 years/600,000 miles for on-highway or  7 years/250,000 miles for vocational coverage. 


After your base warranty ends, you will be able to count on extended service coverage to control your out-of-pocket repair costs making your business expenses more predictable.



Detroit® Extended Coverage is also available for the DT12® transmission, DT12® clutch and Detroit® Axles.

Are you interested in longer warranty coverage?  Detroit Extended Next can be added to your active truck covers to keep your investment protected even longer.

Do you have a DD13, DD15, or DD16 engine without an active warranty or an expired extended coverage? Extended OPTIMUM™ may be for you.

For more details on how extended coverage can benefit you, contact your nearest authorized Detroit service location.