Detroit® Reman Recovery Technologies

Technologically Advanced Technologies Enable Recovery Precision

Detroi®t Reman uses leading recovery technologies to restore worn surfaces. Welding and spray processes allow restoration of components to dimensional specifications. Detroit® Reman recovery technologies include:

  • Traditional Welding--Various welding processes are used to repair and recover damaged components.
  • Flame-Spray Process--The flame-spray process restores worn or damaged aluminum and cast-iron surfaces and is used to recover a wide variety of components, including some that are no longer available as new parts.
  • Twin-Wire Arc-Spray Process--Similar to the flame-spray process, the twin-wire arc-spray process uses two wires as the feed material. The wires are melted with an electrical arc and sprayed on the surface using a pressurized gas.
  • Cold Spray--The cold-spray process enables small repairs to aluminum and cast iron by applying powdered metal at high velocity. Because the cold-spray process does not melt the powder during application and introduces very little heat into the base component, it enables unique repairs that are not possible with other processes.
  • Plasma-Transferred Wire Arc--This versatile, surface-coating process uses a single wire and a small, rotating-application head to coat hard-to-reach areas. Surfaces may be honed or cut back to original specifications
Traditional Welding
Flame-Spray Process
Twin-Wire Arc-Spray Process
Cold Spray
Plasma-Transferred Wire Arc