Detroit Reman: Performance, Remanufactured

Remanufactured Detroit Genuine Parts and Detroit Reman Engines

With beginnings in the early 1960s, the remanufacturing experience and expertise acquired over half a century has made Detroit Reman an industry leader. Remanufactured Detroit Genuine Parts provide a cost-effective alternative to new parts, with the same performance, durability and reliability you trust from Detroit.

Detroit Reman offers a continually expanding product portfolio, which includes engines, transmissions, turbochargers, axles and cylinder-heads, as well as electronics, aftertreatment systems and fuel-system products. Visit the product offerings page for a complete list of Detroit Reman products.

Not simply a rebuild, the remanufacturing process begins by using only high-quality cores and genuine Detroit replacement components, incorporating the latest design upgrades and restoring products to OEM specifications.

The Remanufacturing Process

The remanufacturing process at Detroit Reman includes disassembly, cleaning, inspection, recovery, reassembly and quality testing. The result is a part that meets or exceeds the same tough performance standards of a new Detroit part. To learn more about Detroit Reman, visit

1. Disassembly

Cores are fully disassembled, down to their original parts. Some original parts will always be replaced with new. These replaced parts, along with those deemed unsalvageable, will be scrapped.

2. Cleaning

Various processes are used to fully clean each part, readying it for further inspection and possible re-use.

3. Inspection

Parts are thoroughly inspected, and only those meeting Detroit Reman’s strict quality specifications are ready for re-use.

4. Parts Recovery

Salvageable parts failing to meet specifications may be recovered using one of Detroit Reman’s many recovery technologies.

5. Reassembly

Recovered parts, along with required new parts, are reassembled into finished components or engines.

6. Quality Check and Testing

Once assembled, product testing ensures that remanufactured parts meet the same high-quality standards as new parts.

Detroit Reman Recovery Technologies

Technologically Advanced Techniques Enable Recovery Precision

Detroit Reman uses leading recovery technologies to restore worn surfaces. Welding and spray processes allow restoration of components to dimensional specifications. Click below to see a full listing of Detroit Reman Recovery Technologies.

  • Traditional Welding--Various welding processes are used to repair and recover damaged components
  • Flame-Spray Process--The flame-spray process restores worn or damaged aluminum and cast-iron surfaces and is used to recover a wide variety of components, including some that are no longer available as new parts
  • Twin-Wire Arc-Spray Process--Similar to the flame-spray process, the twin-wire arc-spray process uses two wires as the feed material. The wires are melted with an electrical arc and sprayed on the surface using a pressurized gas
  • Cold Spray--The cold-spray process enables small repairs to aluminum and cast iron by applying powdered metal at high velocity. Because the cold-spray process does not melt the powder during application and introduces very little heat into the base component, it enables unique repairs that are not possible with other processes
  • Plasma-Transferred Wire Arc--This versatile, surface-coating process uses a single wire and a small, rotating-application head to coat hard-to-reach areas. Surfaces may be honed or cut back to original specifications

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