Technological Innovation, Driven by Passion

A Determination to Innovate, Built on a Legacy of Industry Leadership 

With more than five million Detroit® engines built since 1938, and more than one million still in operation worldwide, our reputation for cutting-edge industry platforms and innovative products is well-established and widely recognized.

At Detroit®, everything boils down to our passion for innovation. It’s the driving force behind our technology. It’s what motivates us to pursue our perpetual commitment to delivering the highest of quality standards, and it’s why the finest workforce in the industry is dedicated to striving daily towards making our company the best it can possibly be.

From the very beginning, we have had an eye on the big picture and the long game, always pushing the limits of new technology. This inspired approach has led us to hundreds of patented ideas and industry breakthroughs, along with millions of satisfied customers. Pioneering ideas continue to generate from original thinking at Detroit®. From our very first diesel and four-cycle engines, to systems and components that keep raising the bar and putting the rest of the industry on notice, Detroit® has always been on a mission to deliver complete solutions with superior power, efficiency, durability and value.

A Never-Ending Tradition of Innovation

Since embarking on our path to excellence and innovation in the 1930s, the years have flown by and the challenges have evolved. New economic realities and shifting transportation needs helped encourage innovative thinking. Harnessing new energy sources and emerging technologies, Detroit® continues to serve the diverse and demanding, heavy-duty needs of highway and vocational trucking-industry sectors as well as special sections like school buses, motor coaches and emergency vehicles.

Our innovations have set new standards for green technology in the trucking industry. A few examples include offering the first engine with electronic controls as a standard feature, the fully electronic Series 60 engine (which revolutionized the industry with increased economy), and industry-leading computerized engine controls and monitoring.

Our line of DD engines equipped with BlueTEC® emissions technology has reduced greenhouse gas emissions while boosting fuel economy and efficiency. Detroit takes great pride in being a good global citizen while utilizing our technology and innovations to benefit our customers and lessen our environmental impact.

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